Wheelchair-friendly Facilities
Washrooms / showers, dining hall, lounge and two cabins  are equipped to allow ease of use and comfort to low-mobility users.  There is also a wheel-chair accessible outhouse, path and picnic site at the Recreation Site, where the trailhead is located.


New Boardwalk and Viewing Platform
The new boardwalk and viewing platform on the east side of the lake is also wheelchair-accessible. Certified as a black diamond (difficult) trail, the 250 m section is 1.0 m wide and has grades up to 12%. The trail affords lovely views over Gavin Lake and the Gavin Creek estuary and opportunities to spot beaver, muskrat, moose and several varieties of bird and waterfowl species.

Special thanks to the Cariboo Regional District, Northern Development Initiatives Trust and the Cariboo-Chilcotin Beetle Action Coalition for their support.


Below is a short video of the new boardwalk trail and viewing platform:


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