The main objectives of the Gavin Lake Forest Education Society are to bring youth out to the forests to both learn and recreate and to be a resource for our surrounding communities of Williams Lake, Quesnel and 100 Mile House. We achieve our objectives in two ways:

1) We provide a venue for any school, youth or non-profit group at a below cost (subsidized) rental rate. We have a wide variety of non-profits that use the camp for fundraising activities, workshops, gatherings and recreation.

2) We offer a three-day all expenses paid outdoor education program to all grade 6 classes in BC School Districts #27 and #28. We run the students through a variety of outdoor modules that cover topics such as ecology, first nations culture, sustainability, habitat and forest use as well as teach recreational activities and skills such as canoeing, archery, orienteering, cross country skiing and compass use.

We are one of few outdoor schools in BC to offer such an extensive course free of charge. We strongly believe in  this approach so that all schools / students regardless of their demographics and economic circumstance have equal opportunity to participate.


6 responses to “About

  1. Can I book a campsite for a few people with tents?
    I am looking to camp Aug long for a few nights, 3 families

  2. Melanie Dydynsky

    Hi there,
    Do you do summer camps for kids

    • Hi Melanie. Short answer is no. Long answer is that we run a school program during the school year, but in the summer we rent camp to other groups to run their own camps. Mostly churches, boys and girls clubs, girl guides etc. So you have to apply or be associated with that kind of group to come to summer camp here and it is not our program, just our facility.
      I sent my kids to a place called EDUCO in 100 mile house. It had long adventurous camping trips, lots of rock climbing, canoe trips etc. My kids loved it!
      There is also Likely bible camp and Lake of the trees bible camp if you are looking for a religious outfit.
      Hope this helps…. Mike

  3. This winter is the camp open for kids and families

    • Hi April….yeah, we are open all winter. We have several bookings already. We will be running our grade 6 winter school program which is basically to get any of the kids that we couldn’t fit in this past fall. Other than those grade sixes, it is available for rentals.

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